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Rev. Donald Shell, MD and First Lady Evangelist Robin Barnes Shell, Esq, LCPC believe God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit can help you reach your specific spiritual, ministry, physical, emotional, career, and health goals. You can achieve the full potential God has for you, through the power of Jesus Christ. This requires work and training.
Rev. Donald Shell, MD and Robin Barnes Shell, Esq, LCPC are committed to using God's word and the power of prayer, to hear, understand and act. God's word continues to help us, and we help individuals, couples, families, and churches, discover patterns that adversely impact their spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Donald and Robin have been married for over 27 years, and have served the Lord together in ministry since 1997. Both graduating from Seminary in 2005, Evangelist Robin with a degree with Christian Counseling and Discipleship, and Rev. Donald with a degree in Biblical Exposition, have used their vocational skills to evangelize, disciple and minister.

As a licensed physician, Board Certified in Family Medicine, and a licensed attorney and a licensed clinical professional counselor, Rev. Donald and Evangelist Robin respectfully, have combined their skills, talents, and spiritual gifts to serve the Lord by helping individuals see and experience God at work in their every day lives. Follow Rev. Dr. Shell on Twitter @DrDonaldShell. Links his sermons and study notes may be reviewed at donaldshell.com and on YouTube.  Rev. Dr. Shell serves as the Pastor of Good Samaritan Mission, "A Community Church" in Suitland MD.